Megaband CPS Riser/Dropper Joint Kit (KUA)

´ Data sheet
Articulated riser dropper kit for connecting Megaband® CPS ladder and accessories. Consists of 2 Hinges, 9 Bolts DIN933 M10x30, 13 Nuts DIN934 M10, 9 Washers DIN125 M10 & 4 Spring Washers DIN127 40. Suitable for all sizes of ladder. Made from Aluminium alloy 6063T6.

Allows the creation of articulated risers with variable angle for Megaband® CPS.

A versatile piece for using in any coupler element.

Electrical continuity guaranteed according to standard IEC61537.

In accordance with the IEC 61537 and CE standard with respect to directive 2014/35 / EU.

Made of Aluminum alloy 6063T6. Excellent corrosion resistance.

CEPSA product approval according to ESP-2208-5 specification.

Adecuado para la canalización, transporte y distribución de cables en Instalaciones eléctricas y/o de telecomunicaciones Industria Oil&Gas y Petroquímica, Plataformas Offshore, Puertos, aplicaciones marítimas, Proyectos industriales en entornos agresivos y con alta corrosión en costa y borde el mar, Centrales de Energía, Eléctricas y Energía Renovables.
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AL 100 82002347 1.266 1 Aluminum -50 / 150 ºC A1 No combustible