MEGAband Coupler

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    -50 / 150 ºC
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    A1 No combustible
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Coupling piece for joining straight sections and accessories of Megaband® ladder by using M8 hexagonal nuts and bolts. Suitable for Megaband® ladder of 60, 85, 100 and 120 mm height, maintaining electrical continuity, according to IEC 61537. Made of steel, available in different Protection Systems.

Only necessary if straight sections are cut since the Megaband ladder has an integrated coupling system.

Very simple assembly by fixing the coupler to the Megaband® ladder by means of M8 hexagonal nuts and bolts.

Suitable for Megaband® ladder, heights 85, 100 and 120 mm.

Electrical continuity guaranteed according to standard IEC61537.

Wide variety of sizes, protection systems and accessories to adapt to the requirements of each electrical installation.

Suitable for the joining of straight sections and accessories of the Megaband ladder for the management of cables in electrical and telecommunication installations in public buildings, infrastructures and civil works, industrial installations, tertiary sector.
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EZ 93910002 0.076 Steel with surface coating
GC 93930002 0.080 Steel with surface coating
INOX 93950002 0.075 Stainless steel AISI 304
INOX 93960002 0.075 Acero inoxidable AISI 316L