Solar Totem

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Multifunctional raised mounting Support for Wire mesh tray and Cable tray installations and other functional assemblies for cable management in Solar Roof installations and other general applications on roofs. The system consists of a watertight container, closed by a threaded cap that guarantees its tightness while providing on its external part the necessary housings for fixing the different anchoring accessories for the cables trays or conduits to be installed. It is supplied in Kit format, including additional parts for fixing these cable management systems such as a Central Hanging plate with BK8 protection system, 2 units of the self-locking screw, and 2 units of flat washers in INOX protection system, I304 finish.

Suitable for support to the floor in solar roofs of wire mesh trays, perforated cable trays, or conduits for cable management.

To increase the weight it can be filled with water, sand or concrete

It has a safety indicator for closure of the cap and markings to align the installation.

Optimized base for application of mounting adhesive for fixing on even surfaces where drilling is not possible.

Recommended for distance between supports of 1 to 1.5 meters

The Solar Totem installation is suitable for: - Photovoltaic installations in flat solar roofs where drilling is not possible - Flat solar roofs on waterproof asphalt sheets - Solar roofs on concreted ground or with a gravel layer. - Intermediate point for the creation of a support point for installations with large spans or distances between supports. - Support and elevation of cable trays on the ground in industrial or tertiary facilities.
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