Omega SPLUS Plug

´ Data sheet
Red plastic safety plug for SPLUS omega supports, SPLUS ceiling bracketsand SPLUS suspensions. Its use provides greater security in the support of the wall or ceiling bracket.

Maintains the shape of the omega profile when the support is installed on the wall.

It is provided free of charge with each support. Included with omega SPLUS, omega ceiling , suspensions and omega pendants.

Prevents the crushing of the bracket . It improves the assembly and prevents the rotation of the support.

CE conformity to directive 2014/35 / EU.

Made of red plastic.

Suitable for the improvement of the installation of omega SPLUS brackets for the support of cable trays in electrical installations and / or telecommunications.
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Red RAL 3000 62031085 0.006 50 Plastic -15 / 90 ºC