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RGC Stand off Clamp

p Data sheet
Hot dip galvanised carbon steel stand off clamp available in several diameters for fixing rigid metal conduits. Fixing with screws. it has a foot that allows separation of the conduit from the floor or wall.
Available in various sizes: NW16, NW20, NW25, NW32, NW40, NW50 and NW63.

It has a foot that allows the conduit to stand off from the floor or wall.

Working temperature: -45°C to + 400°C.

CE conformity to the 2014/35 directive and the IEC 61386 standard.

Manufactured in hot dip galvanised steel (standard EN ISO 1461), suitable for outdoor installations and in aggressive environments. Grade 4 corrosion resistance, according to IEC 61386. High indoor and outdoor protection.

Suitable for fixing RLGC and RRGC hot dip galvanised rigid metal conduits in installations that require high mechanical performance and high resistance to corrosion. For building applications. Tertiary and industrial sectors with high security requirements. Premises of public attendance or with risk of fire or explosion. Installation in outdoor and aggressive environments.