SAFECu Rejitech Ceiling Fastener

´ Data sheet
Metal fixing for joining supports or other accessories to Rejitech® SAFECu mesh trays. It consists of a 20mm wide plate, with M6 bolt and nut. Made from steel with CU protection system.

Mounting accessory for antimicrobial and COVID-free cable management system

Suitable for ceiling and wall instalations.

Fixing in only three steps.

CE conformity in accordance to the low voltage directive 2014 /35 /UE and the international product standard IEC 61537

SAFECu Protection system, copper-plated treatment, which confers hygienic properties by eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi

Adecuado para instalaciones a techo o pared con la bandeja de rejilla Rejitech® para la conducción y soporte de cableado en espacio reducidos o falsos techos.
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CU Class 1 82003269 0.026 25 Steel with surface coating -50 / 150 ºC A1 No combustible