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Part Clamp

p Data sheet
Metal fixing for the attachment of supports or other accessories to Rejiband wire mesh trays. It consists of a 20 mm wide plate with a captive M6 screw and nut and is suitable for connection to trays of 35, 60 and 100 mm in height and all widths. Made of steel and available in various finishes.
Quick installation thanks to the captive screw.

Large saving in time and cost of the installation.

Precise adjustment and maximum resistance.

E90 fire resistance (90 minutes, 1000°C) according to DIN 4102-12.

Available in various finishes: electro-zinc, bichromate, hot dip galvanised or organic mineral BLACK C8, depending on the type of application.

Suitable for all Rejiband tray connections and accessories. It facilitates the installation of Rejiband wire mesh trays in cable management installations.
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